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Spencer Hastings in “March of Crimes”

Troians only weakness [X]

So here's my idea about Bethany. She met Toby's mom and heard stories of her family and wished she was a part of it but when she'd see Toby or whoever visit, she got mad and it resulted in her pushing her off the roof? And then she got close to Mrs. D, and became jealous of Ali because she had the life Bethany wanted. So Bethany escaped and wanted to get rid of Ali so she could BE Ali. Sorry, really farfetched, but what do you think?


Ooo thats a great idea, we haven’t thought about it like that! x

Bethany drew a pic of a monster carrying someone, didn't Toby carry Jenna out of the house (the jenna thing) the same way?


OMG yes that could be it! x



I remembered a scene from an earlier season that made me think of something. Ali leaves town after her and Mona get their plan into action. One night, Mona and Hanna are hanging out and Mona suggests they play with a Ouija board. Hanna is hesitant and says no. After Mona pressures her for a…





This is not about love.

"What did you want to write about?"

Pretty awful, isn’t it? How things change so quickly in this town…